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September 20, 2023

In this Week’s Issue of Building Links

  • Powell River: Bylaw updates to allow for modular homes
  • Comox Valley, Strathcona: Increasing Tipping Fees in 2024
  • Campbell River: Proposed 47+ unit townhome development
Staff are proposing bylaw amendments to allow modular housing in the City of Powell River.

Powell River: Bylaw updates to allow for modular homes.  

​​Council has directed staff to proceed with amendments to the Official Community Plan and necessary Bylaws to distinguish between modular homes and mobile homes to allow modular housing. City bylaws currently discourage the construction of “modular housing”. Staff, however, believe the language is intended to regulate “mobile homes”. The Manufactured Home Act differentiates modular homes from mobile homes by establishing different building code standards. The bylaw changes will change references to “modular housing” to “mobile homes” where applicable; allow the use of a modular home as a principal or accessory dwelling; and clarify the definition of mobile homes; and prohibit the use of a travel trailer as a dwelling.

Comox Valley, Strathcona: Increasing Tipping Fees in 2024

The Comox Strathcona Waste Management (CSWM) service is preparing to increase tipping rates to $155 per tonne from $145 per tonne to balance the 2024 budget. In June of this year, staff were directed to uphold the $5 million tax requisition and to raise tipping fees by the corresponding amount to achieve a balanced budget for 2024. These changes are expected to increase revenue by approximately $800,000 in 2024, offsetting a reduction in taxation to be used to fund the operational and capital costs. CSWM follows a full cost recovery model for tipping fees, ensuring that fees reflect the true cost of waste disposal, and encourages responsible waste management and sustainability. The proposed fee changes will be effective as of January 1, 2024 and include both the Comox Valley and Campbell River Waste Management Systems.

Campbell River: Proposed 47+ unit townhome development.

The City is reviewing a Preliminary Subdivision Review for 6.71 ha on the south eastern corner of Petersen Road Old Peterson Road. The proposal includes a 3 lot subdivision for a phased two storey townhome development. The 3 lots are proposed as 1.02 ha for lot 1, 1.09 ha for lot 2, and the remaining 4+ ha for future development. Lot 1 would include 17 townhomes units in 5 buildings, while Lot 2 would include 30 townhome units in 8 buildings. If approved, construction is proposed to begin early 2024. The property was purchased in 2021 for $2.4 million.

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