Spotlight on energy advisors in Around Town

April 15, 2021

Your Weekly Construction Briefing

Under the BC Energy Step Code, builders must engage an energy advisor (EA) or energy modeller, who will create an energy model of the proposed building and suggest ways to improve its performance. He or she will also test the home to ensure it complies with airtightness requirements.

In this week’s Building Links, Island AeroBarrier offers BC Energy Step Code tips for builders.

Tips for builders:

  • Engage your EA early – at the design stage, long before applying for your building permit.
  • Run several iterations of your energy model to evaluate and optimize your options.
  • Keep your EA informed as you proceed with construction.
  • Make sure your EA submits both the “Pre-Construction” and “As-Built” Part 9 Energy Compliance Reports to the local authority.
  • Need to reach a higher step code or help with your current build? Contact Island AeroBarrier

For an illustrated step-by-step walkthrough of the energy advisor process, visit this link – to download the guide (produced by E3 Eco Group). Visit the Energy Step Code website at for more information.

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