San Group to invest $100 million in Port Alberni in Around Town

June 24, 2021

Your Weekly Construction Briefing

San Group is expanding its Port Alberni forestry operations over the next year. Between $50 and $60 million will be spent as part of an agreement to ship lumber by container ships from the city’s deep seaport. An additional $15 million will be invested in the Coulson Sawmill for processing smaller and odd-shaped logs, and $15 million will be invested into the San Specialty Sawmill on Hector Road to create a biomass facility.

The San Group is expected to invest nearly $100 million in three forestry operations in Port Alberni, including lumber shipping, a sawmill and a biomass facility.

Between all of San Group’s entities in the Alberni Valley approximately 40 tonnes of waste is produced every day. Whatever they or neighbouring Paper Excellence paper mill cannot use, San Group will turn into pellets to sell.

Port Authority CEO Zoran Knezevic said San could begin shipping the finished product in three to six months. The company has signed a long-term lease for 17 acres of terminal space and 600 feet of berthing.

Excerpt from Port Alberni News, June 2021.

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