Nanaimo Precast Produce Quality Structural Precast Products on Vancouver Island

February 2, 2015

Nanaimo Precast Ltd. on Vancouver Island is about quality. This locally owned and operated business specializes in precast concrete for small and large scale projects at its CSA certified facility.

Nanaimo Precast Ltd. produces precast concrete such as median barriers and bridge components

Nanaimo Precast Ltd. produces precast concrete such as median barriers and bridge components.

This Nanaimo-based company produces everything from MOTH median barriers to parking curbs, precast tanks, bridge components, and building panels in their 20,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art precast concrete facility. They also specialize in custom precast of any size. Using a dedicated facility allows Nanaimo Precast Ltd. to create concrete products faster than on-site while ensuring strict quality control, cost-efficient material usage, and more design options.

Each of Nanaimo Precast Ltd.’s products start with quality controlled concrete. Nanaimo Precast Ltd.’s concrete supplier follows CSA guidelines for timing, water/cement ratio, admixtures, and fibers to create a superior product. The team at Nanaimo Precast Ltd. is also very conscious of how to deliver their products while minimizing the carbon footprint and impact on the environment with their 477 HIAB.

When you choose Nanaimo Precast Ltd., you’re choosing outstanding customer service, experience, and the commitment to produce a quality structural precast product on time and on budget.

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A.J Hustins or Steve Taylor
Location: Nanaimo, serving Vancouver Island
Address: 1941 Trans Canada Hwy Nanaimo BC | V9X 1R4
Phone: 250.591.6115
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