May 2023 Step 3 BC Energy Code in Around Town

March 16, 2023

Your Weekly Construction Briefing

Starting on May 1, 2023, the BC Building Code will require all single-family including suites and other Part 9 residential buildings that do not contain other occupancies (e.g. office, retail etc.) to comply with at least Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code. In addition, any Part 3 buildings that must comply with the BC Energy Step Code, will be required to meet at least Step 2.

New BC Energy Step Code regulations will come into force for all single family and other Part 9 residential buildings May 1, 2023.

As part of this new process of achieving energy efficiency, each building required to comply with the Step Code will need to employ the services of Certified Energy Advisor to model the proposed building and confirm the as constructed building meets the required performance Step of the Energy Step Code. 

These building code changes enable 20% better energy efficiency and provide an opt-in Zero Carbon Step Code (formerly known as the Carbon Pollution Standard), and were signed recently by the Minister of Housing. 

To view the orders and code changes, please click here.

The Building and Safety Standards Branch will release more information in the coming weeks to support a smooth rollout of the change. Email if you have questions.

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