Learn How to Save Money With EnerGuide in Your New Home, With Help From Elemental Energy Advisors

March 22, 2013

Certified Energy Advisors, Vancouver IslandDuring the construction phase, building an energy efficient home may seem like an added expense, but you can reap the benefits of lower utility bills immediately. Even if you increase your mortgage to increase the energy efficiency of you home, your monthly bills can still be lower than with less expensive construction options.

Vancouver Island’s Certified Energy Advisors at Elemental Energy Advisors can guide owner-builders and Vancouver Island new home builders through the process. In addition, they can help you achieve an EnerGuide rating for your home that earn rebates of $2,000 or more building an energy efficient home.

Elemental Energy Advisors can work with builders to review house plans before construction to suggest ways to build a more energy efficient home, and can review heating and hot water options. They provide a projected EnerGuide rating for a home, and complete a building envelope test once the home is complete.

A typical new home will qualify for the minimum rating of EnerGuide 80, required for the incentives. Get an EnerGuide rating for your new Vancouver Island home, save money on energy costs and put money back in your pocket with help from Elemental Energy Advisors’ Certified Energy Advisors, Cristi & Kate. Let them do the work and put money back in your pocket, with energy efficiency incentives and immediate savings in your utility costs. Building energy efficient saves you money now and adds value to your home the day you decide to sell.

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