Gower Design Group Welcomes Decision by Town of Comox to Allow Coach Houses on Residential Lots

November 15, 2013

The-Piercy-coach-house-Gower-DesignThe decision by Comox Town Council to allow coach houses on most residential lots has opened the door to exciting development opportunities for Comox homeowners and home builders. Most Comox properties with a residential designation are eligible for coach houses (also known as garden suites and lane-way houses), and owners can undergo a rezoning process that will cost $250 for a building permit.

Gower Design Group, a Vancouver Island based residential design firm located in the Comox Valley, has expanded its design portfolio with several new ideas for coach houses. One notable addition is named The Piercy (pictured), and it features a distinctive butterfly roof seen in many full-scale designs pioneered by Gower Design Group.

Advantages of Coach Homes

Company principal John Gower believes that coach homes offer many advantages, including:

•  affordable shelter on land already purchased;
•  low building costs;
•  rental revenue for paying down a mortgage;
•  versatile use as a guest cottage or an independent living space for family members;
•  a convenient, low-cost option for people looking to downsize;
•  lower heating and utility costs; and
•  a reduced carbon footprint for a happier planet.

Ingenious Storage and Open Spaces

Gower Design Group’s coach houses feature ingenious use of storage space to ensure that your most treasured possessions are close at hand, while abundant windows, skylights, and vaulted ceilings infuse your living area with a sense of spaciousness. Glass patio doors with a walkout help connect the home’s interior to its surroundings.

“An open plan and efficient, multi-purpose space are integral components of any good coach-house design,” says Gower.

Customization is Key

Having designed the first coach house approved for construction in Victoria, Gower Design Group has modified their portfolio of house plans to conform to building specifications outlined by the Town of Comox.

“Each plan can be customized to suit your personal needs and lot requirements,” states Gower. “Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss options with you.”

Contact Gower Design Group

For more information, contact Gower Design Group at 250.871.8765 (local), 1.877.366.2502 (toll-free), visit their website, or follow them on Facebook. You can also browse and order stock house plans via Gower Design Group’s online catalogue.

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