Around Town: New Engineered Landfill Opening at Comox Valley Waste Management Centre

July 27, 2017

The first phase of the new landfill at the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre will start receiving waste in August as the current site reaches capacity. The new facility meets or exceeds all current provincial requirements for landfill design, construction, and operation. The $16.1 million project has two main components, the landfill cell 1 and a leachate treatment facility.

Cell 1 of the new engineered landfill at the Comox Valley Waste Management Centre will start receiving waste in August.

Cell 1 has an engineered liner system to collect and divert leachate to an equalization pond. The pond is also lined to prevent the leachate from impacting the surrounding area. From there it will be directed to the new treatment facility, which will remove contaminants before returning clean water back to the environment. An educational video has been developed about the landfill and can be viewed at

Only select waste will be put into the first layer of the new cell to protect the liner system. Initially only commercial and residential municipal solid waste will go into the new site until a two-metre protective buffer is in place. During this time construction and demolition waste will continue to be deposited into the existing landfill.

Contact: Marc Rutten, GM of Engineering Services Branch Comox Strathcona Waste Management Service
Tel: 250.334.6080

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