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March 15, 2023

In this Week’s Issue of Building Links

  • Courtenay: Rezoning approved for a 247 unit rental project.
  • Comox: Potential changes to the Comox Airport Zoning Regulation.
  • Campbell River: A new McDonald’s proposed on Dogwood Street.
Broadstreet Properties is proceeding with its proposed 247 unit rental development in Courtenay. This conceptual drawing shows three buildings in between the Superstore and the Mexx BC Housing site.

Courtenay: Rezoning approved for a 247 unit rental project.  

Council rescinded the original November 2021 Third Reading for rezoning, and approved a new Third Reading with amendments and adoption of a Zoning Amendment bylaw. As proposed, the applicant is rezoning the property in order to build a 247 unit rental apartment development. An original condition of rezoning was dedication of land to build out Tunner Drive to the south, as well as construct Tunner Drive from Hunt Road to the subject property and to include a right turn lane/bus stop as part of the development. Staff have determined the addition of a right turn lane/bus stop on Ryan Road is unworkable. Instead, the applicant has agreed to a highway reservation covenant and option to purchase for a 3-metre strip of land along the entire Ryan Road frontage. This would help facilitate an eventual bus lane resembling that was proposed in the May 2021 Comox Valley Transit Infrastructure Study. These requirements will reduce the size of the remaining property to 1.8 hectares from 2 hectares and will increase the maximum floor area ratio to 1.4 from 1.36. Next steps include approval of a Development Permit application, which was submitted in the summer of 2022. The applicant hopes to begin construction as soon as possible. Once complete, the project will include 47 1-bed units, 27 two bed/1 bath units, 147 two bed/two bath units, and 26 three bed/two bath units. A minimum of 24 units will be affordable housing, and likely will include 15 1 bed and 10 2 bed units.

Comox: Potential changes to the Comox Airport Zoning Regulation..

The Town of Comox is requesting assistance from the Minister of National Defence in harmonizing outdated Department of National Defence (DND) airport zoning regulation. The current Comox Airport Zoning Regulations where written in 1980 and prevent the development of buildings over 9 metres within the zoning area that stretches over 4 km away from the Airport and CFB 19 Wing Comox. In 2015, Transport Canada made updates to its Aerodrome Standards and Recommended Practices, which would allow changes to the Comox Airport Zoning Regulations for height increases in some areas. At this time, the regulations are affecting proposed multi family developments between Guthrie Road, Hector Road and Aspen Road. These three developments alone represent 1,000 housing units, $6,050,000 in funds towards the Town’s affordable housing reserve, and $904,000 per year in additional municipal revenue to offset rising infrastructure replacement costs. Ministerial intervention is required to harmonize the outdated Comox Airport Zoning Regulations with current Transport Canada Regulations.

Campbell River: A new McDonald’s proposed on Dogwood Street..

The City has received a Major Development Permit application for a McDonald’s Restaurant on Dogwood Street between 2nd Avenue and Evergreen Road. The .941 acre property was formerly the location of the Royal Coachman Restaurant and Pub. The lot and 8000 sq.ft. building was for sale for $2,149,000 and sold earlier this month. The new 5800 sq.ft McDonald’s Restaurant will include 29 parking spots, drive thru and patio area.

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