Climate Change Mitigation, changed to Building Codes in Around Town

May 11, 2023

Your Weekly Construction Briefing

The Canadian Board for Harmonized Construction Codes is seeking input from code users on the draft policy recommendations for developing and implementing greenhouse gas emissions provisions in the National Model Codes.

The CBHCC is seeking input on greenhouse gas emission provisions in the National Model Codes.

The current National Model Codes contain energy efficiency objectives and related requirements for the design and construction of new buildings and houses, but do not address the type or quality of energy source used by buildings and houses nor do they address embodied GHG emissions.

The CBHCC uses a working definition of operational GHG emissions: the amount of energy consumed and the carbon intensity of the energy source used to operate a building. Operational GHG emissions are described as scope 1 (GHG emissions that are produced from fuels that are combusted on site) or scope 2 (GHG emissions that are produced from energy sources that are generated off site).

Approximately 27% of Canada’s GHG emissions are due to buildings and so addressing GHG emissions in the Codes is an important step towards climate goals. Code requirements for new houses and buildings towards zero or near zero operational GHG emissions solutions are needed in order to help support provincial GHG emissions reduction targets and climate action plans.

More information on the consultation is available by clicking on the following link: After reviewing the information sheet, policy recommendations can be found at

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