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June 12, 2024

In this week’s Editor’s Note

  • Cumberland: proposed 38 townhouses and 3 apartment buildings
  • Powell River: rezoning for a 55-unit strata multi-family
  • Campbell River: DP approved for five-story, 43-unit apartment
The Village of Cumberland has received a Zoning application that would see the construction of a multi-family development on an empty lot on Ulverston Avenue. If approved, the development could include 158 residential units.

Cumberland: proposed 38 townhouses and 3 apartment buildings

A rezoning application is under review for a mixed use project which includes 38 townhouses and approx. 120 units in three apartment buildings. As proposed, the apartment buildings include two 4-storey rental apartment buildings, and one 3-storey mixed use building with commercial space on the ground level. Underground parking is planned for the apartment buildings and the mixed-use building. The proposal includes dedication of public parkland along the property lines backing onto existing residential lots. The Village Council is referring the proposal to its advisory planning commission and the homelessness and affordable housing committee for their comments. A rezoning application is expected to be presented to council in July of 2024 for consideration of a draft bylaw.

Powell River: rezoning for a 55-unit strata multi-family

Council has given first through third reading to a rezoning application for this 5.31 acre property on Manson Avenue. In 2023 the City adopted a rezoning application that changed the rezoning From A1 to CD4 to create an affordable neighbourhood for families with approximately 35 lots. The applicant is now seeking rezoning to allow for a 55-unit stratified, ground-oriented multi-family development. In addition the applicant has submitted a two-lot subdivision application. The subdivision would create a lot for the existing single-family home with the existing CD4 zoning. The second lot would be rezoned RM1 (Compact Residential). Under the new provincial Bill 44, a public hearing was prohibited because the project meets the objectives of the Sustainable Official Community Plan. Final reading is subject to the following conditions: confirmation from the Province that the stream crossing the property meets the requirements of the Riparian Areas Protection Regulation; that the subdivision application be completed; that the application register a Section 219 Restrictive Covenant against title of the second, larger lot; confirmation that City water, storm, sewer, and sanitary sewer infrastructure is adequate for the proposed development; and a voluntary community amendment contribution.

Campbell River: DP approved for five-story, 43-unit apartment

Council approved a Major Development Permit for this five-story, 43-unit apartment. The building will include studio to 3 bedroom 2 bath units ranging from 322 to 854 sq.ft., with one 1088 sq.ft. unit. The permit allows for variances to parking requirements from 53 spaces to 45 spaces, to the front-yard setback from 4.5 metres to 3.23 metres, to the side-yard setback from 4.5 metres to 3.72 metres, and to the building height from 15 metres to 16.2 metres. The proposal is consistent with the Development Permit Area Guidelines and the OCP. A Statutory Right of Way for a future transit shelter over existing City infrastructure on the corner of 13th Avenue and Ironwood Street must be registered before a building permit is issued. Landscape security of $207,643, representing 125 per cent of the cost estimate, will also need to be received.

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