Prescription For Performance Seminar In Around Town

January 9, 2020

The Canadian Home Builders Association and RDH Building Science are presenting a whole day seminar specifically created to lead builders, designers, building officials, energy advisors, and developers to simplified practical solutions for high performance building enclosure assemblies that satisfy prescriptive requirements for various levels of the Step Code up to Net Zero Ready and Passive House. It includes a focus on pending requirements for North Island, West Coast, and Sunshine Coast construction.

The Canadian Home Builders Association and RDH Building Science are hosting a BC Energy Step Code Seminar focused on practical solutions for builders, building officials, designers and more.

Seminar topics: Step Code requirements; higher R-value building enclosure science; new industry standards for wall, roof, & below grade enclosures; appropriate detailing for water, air and vapor control and insulation materials. 

Three large scale mock-ups will be used to demonstrate key detailing considerations and 4 different alternates for constructing higher R-value wall systems and interfaces.

Participants will be able to directly ask their pressing questions related to new building enclosure details and will be provided with draft materials of new builder guides for net zero wall systems.

Date and Time: Friday, January 31, 8:30 to 4:30

Location: Conference Room, 770 Harmston Ave, Courtenay

Cost: $89.95 to $109.95

Receive up-to-date information on building permits, tenders, proposed developments and construction news for the Comox Valley, Campbell River, Port Hardy, Powell River and more locations on the North Island.