Going Modular: RDH Online Seminar in Around Town

May 28, 2020

Your Weekly Construction Briefing

The RDH Building Science Live seminar on June 3 will explore modular construction and discusses the challenges and advantages it presents in comparison to traditional construction methods.  

RDH Building Science is hosting a live seminar on modular construction Wednesday June 3. Learn from RDH’s experience with Passive House and net-zero construction, and walk through several case studies.

If approached with careful planning based on informed decision-making, modular construction be an effective strategy for reaching high performance energy targets. The RDH presentation will walk through several case studies to illustrate how modular construction was used to achieve project goals. 

This session will be led by Elyse Henderson and Graham Finch, who will speak from their experience working on Passive House and near net zero projects, while drawing out general lessons learned for modular construction in the affordable housing sector and remote communities.

Date: Wednesday June 3

Time: 10:00-11:00 am PDT

Register: $25 US,  bit.ly/rdhjune3

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