Find Out if Your New Home Has Combustion Spillage With Help From Elemental Energy Advisors

April 25, 2013

Elemental Energy AdvisorsAt Elemental Energy Advisors, their main focus will always be always energy efficiency, but their certified energy advisors now say the often find themselves considering the air quality and environment of new homes.

“We find ourselves looking closer at ensuring our homes have a healthy living environment,” says certified energy advisor Cristi Sacht.

New homes today are being constructed with a brand new BC Building Code which offers many changes to ensure a better build, she explains, but which has yet to launch the new Ventilation Requirements or Energy Efficiency Measures. These are forecasted to come into affect late 2013 or early 2014.

“Where does that leave us? Well we are finding that homes today are being built more air tight and that can cause come areas of concern, if the home does not have a balanced mechanical ventilation system,” Sacht explains. “Combustion spillage can be a result, where combustion gases back draft into your home and is a serious health hazard. Combustion gases can contain toxic compounds and inhaling these gases can lead to health problems ranging from nuisance headaches to serious illness, including unconsciousness or death.”

Know the facts on your new home – have it EnerGuide Rated and Air Leakage Tested to ensure a healthy living environment for your family. To find out whether your home has combustion spillage, what your EnerGuide Rating is or to be eligible for cash incentives for building green, contact Elemental Energy Advisors on Vancouver Island today – call them today at 250.830.8000.

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