Elemental Energy Advisors on Vancouver Island Can Help Save You Money on Your New Vancouver Island Home

July 8, 2013

Elemental_Energy Do you actually have adequate ventilation in your new construction buildings? How tight is your building envelope? A Certified Energy Advisor from Elemental Energy Advisors on Vancouver Island can tell you the facts. Certified Energy Advisors (CEAs) EnerGuide label homes through Natural Resources Canada by evaluating a home as a system – considering that changing one component may affect another.

One of the mandates of a Certified Energy Advisors is to identify problem environmental conditions that have the potential to be health risks in new homes, such as: combustion-spillage susceptibility, inadequate ventilation, moulds on interior surfaces or the presence of pollutant sources, could constitute urgent health risks.

The new BC Building Codes have resulted in a great increase in the air tightness of building envelopes. A tight building envelope ensures that heat stays in, but increases the need for fresh air makeup and increases the risk of combustion spillage. Certified Energy Advisors are required to determine whether the operation of exhaust devices in the house will result in negative pressures large enough to create the potential for combustion spillage.

How do we ensure we have enough fresh air make up and reduce risks of combustion spillage?
1. Install combustion appliances that are resistant to pressure-induced spillage.
2. Avoid using unbalanced exhaust appliances.
3. Install make-up air systems so that exhaust airflows are balanced at all times by an equal supply of make-up airflow.

One energy efficient option to address adequate ventilation, is installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator. An HRV will condition fresh air coming into the home, with the heat from the exhaust air and is a balanced ventilation system if installed by a certified technician.

Before finalizing your building plans, heating, hot water and ventilation systems, consult an Certified Energy Advisor to ensure your build is energy efficient and has a healthy living environment for years to come. Education, planning and proper design is key, before you break ground!

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