Decreased DCCs proposed for Comox Residential Categories.

December 15, 2015

The Town of Comox is proposing decreases to the majority Development Cost Charges (DCC) as part of an update to its DCC bylaw. This includes a 41% decrease in single family residential (from $9,738 to $5,774), a 42% decrease in multi-family low density (from $7,239 to $4,224), and a 44% decrease in multi-family high density downtown (from $7,239 to $4,053).

In contrast, commercial with increase 69% from $62 per metre sq. of floor area to $105 and institutional will increase 74% from $27 per metre sq. to $48.

One of the Town’s main objectives in carrying out this update was to review the use of the six land-use categories in the existing DCC Bylaw to ensure the charges are adequate and equitable to the provisions of service necessary to support the growth projected in the OCP.

The elimination of water and storm drainage charges results in a decrease in DCCs for: Single Family Residential; Multi-Family Residential; Congregate Care; and Industrial land-uses. The increase for the Commercial and Institutional land-use categories is in response to the increase in road infrastructure works.

Next steps include gathering feedback on the proposed changes, reporting to council, and sending the bylaw to the Provincial Inspector of Municipalities for approval.