Cumberland streamlining process for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Around Town

September 22, 2022

Your Weekly Construction Briefing

The Village is working towards simplifying the process to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and has created a draft How-To Guide for homeowners and contractors.

This image shows the cover of the Village of Cumberland’s new draft How-To Guide for Accessory Dwelling Units.

The Villages defines an ADU as a small, fully-detached house located on an existing lot with the main house. It is different from a secondary suite, which is contained in the main house. An ADU can be one or two stories or above a detached garage. ADUs are subject to zoning regulations and the building code, and require a building permit before construction.

The draft How-To Guide is intended to help walk residents through the process of building an ADU. It uses easy-to-read language and images, along with important details on site eligibility, landscaping, outdoor space and storm water management. The draft also includes specific information such as gross floor area must be less than 75% of the main house, cannot exceed 7.5 meters for two storey buildings, is not to be located at the front of the property, and more.

A public hearing will be held on September 26 at 7pm in Council Chambers to receive feedback on the proposed changes to ADU Bylaws. The intent of the bylaw changes is to remove the need for a Development Permit (DP) and instead move the DP requirements into the Zoning bylaw. It’s hoped these changes will streamline the application process and simplify the building process. For more information visit the Village of Cumberland website.

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