Cumberland Streamlining Densification Process in Around Town

July 28, 2022

Your Weekly Construction Briefing

The Village of Cumberland is in the process of simplifying the approval process for new developments, specifically for accessory dwelling units (ADU).

The Village of Cumberland is considering changes to its development applications process, including streamlining accessory dwelling units.

The Village received funding from the Union of BC Municipalities Local Government Development Approvals Program to undertake a Development Approvals Process Modernization project. Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) approvals were reviewed as a part of this process and several recommendations were identified to streamline and provide clarity in communication.

According to the staff report, recommendations include amending the OCP to exempt ADUs from the development permit process and amending the zoning bylaw. The village would also be updating application guides to outline the process clearly and encourage use of certain materials.

No changes are proposed to the gross floor area, parking requirements, height or setbacks that are already specified in the Zoning Bylaw. Any proposed changes to these requirements will continue to require a development variance permit.

Since they were first permitted in 2017, there have been 55 ADUs either converted from existing accessory buildings or new-builds. It is expected that continued ADU uptake will contribute to supporting the 415 existing rental households and especially the 41% that spend more than 30% of their household income on rental shelter costs.

The next steps are to send the report to the Advisory Planning Commission and draft a bylaw to amend development permit procedures for council to consider. The community will be able to provide input prior to a bylaw being adopted.

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