Certified Energy Advisors on Vancouver Island Help Home Builders Save Money With EnerGuide Programs

May 17, 2013


Elemental Energy AdvisorsElemental Energy Advisors announces an EnerGuide Plan Evaluation special offer for new home builders from Power Smart New Home CHBA (Central Vancouver Island).

BC Hydro & Fortis BC are sweetening the deal for new builders to work with a Certified Energy Advisor and review the EnerGuide for New Homes program. The goal is to provide builders a preliminary EnerGuide score from their architectural plans and mechanical specs at no risk – Elemental Energy Advisors invoices BC Hydro directly. This new offer covers one EnerGuide plan evaluation for a residential detached home per licensed builder. The offer does not include a blower door test, but this can also be completed by your Certified Energy Advisor, along with the final EnerGuide labeling. This new offer is valid now until Sept. 30, 2013, or until the funding is exhausted.

A Certified Energy Advisor from Elemental Energy Advisors will complete a HOT2000 plan evaluation for one home and an upgrade report for alternative upgrades to meet or exceed EnerGuide 80.  If the score is below EG80, the builder and the Certified Energy Advisor discuss options to raise the EnerGuide score to EG80. The advisor then provides a revised EnerGuide score with an upgrade report to achieve EG80.

Know where your builds rate according to EnerGuide, a recognized Natural Resources Canada program. It’s a win-win situation for new home builders transitioning into EnerGuide and energy efficient construction before the new Energy Efficiency BC Building Codes are released.

Contact a Certified Energy Advisor from Elemental Energy Advisors today to find out about this or other incentives, including blower door tests, EnerGuide Labeling and meeting the EG80 minimum for $2,000 in incentives. Call 250-830-8000 or email your questions/building plans to info@elementalenergyadvisors.ca and find out how to get your cash incentives for building energy efficient! It pays to EnerGuide Label with Elemental Energy Advisors on Vancouver Island.

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