Building Links 2013, Issue #7

February 20, 2013

Editor’s Note

A new hotel is being proposed for Campbell River which will be located adjacent to the Tyee Plaza and alongside the new Berwick Retirement Project. The new hotel will contain approximately 50 rooms, along with an indoor pool, sauna, exercise room, breakfast room and meeting facilities. The building will be approximately 35,000 square feet is size and will be built with the rooms facing the ocean. Plans are being finalized now and are expected to be submitted for a development permit within the next four to six weeks.

Proposed increases in the Sewer Development Cost Charges (DCC’s) are scheduled to go into effect as of Mar. 27, 2013.  A new bylaw has been written to incorporate the new DCC’s and they are expected to be presented to the CVRD Board for approval on Mar. 26, 2013. If the board adopts the new bylaw on this date, the new rates will be in effect immediately, as of Mar. 27, 2013.

Sewer DCCs will apply to any new construction in Courtenay and Comox and they are recommended to increase from the current charge of $2,470 to $5,980 for a single family lot. The commercial/institutional rate would increase from $7.20 to $34.89 per square metre. See inside this issue for more details.

Receive $2,000 for EnerGuide Incentives for New Homes

Elemental Energy Advisors’ Certified Energy Advisors, Cristi & Kate, will provide EnerGuide ratings for new Vancouver Island homes, saving owners money on energy costs and putting money back in the builder’s pocket.

Home builders and owner-builders can now receive $2,000 or more in incentives from BC Hydro and Fortis for building an energy efficient home. The current incentives are available for homes with building permits issued from Sept 15, 2011 to Dec. 31, 2013.

Since the current energy incentives began in 2010, Elemental Energy Advisors have helped builders obtain more than $100,000 in incentives for building energy efficient homes. Elemental Energy Advisors can work with builders to review house plans before construction to suggest ways to build a more energy efficient home, and can review heating and hot water options. They provide a projected EnerGuide rating for a home, and complete a building envelope test once the home is completed. A typical new home will qualify for the minimum rating of EnerGuide 80, required for the incentives. Building Green can be cost efficient and rewarding for both builders and home-owners, and is made easier with help of Certified Energy Advisors at Elemental Energy. Let them do the work and put $2,000 back in your pocket with energy efficiency incentives and immediate savings with your utility costs.


They provide free consultations, to ensure the home is eligible for the incentives.  Call 250.830.8000 or email questions and building plans to