Building Links 2013, Issue #14

April 10, 2013

Editor’s Note

BC Hydro has canceled the electrical and civil tender for the electricity substation just north of Buckley Bay and intends to re-issue a new competitive bid in the near future. The site preparation work planned last fall has been delayed due to wet site conditions. This site work is now starting up and will be complete this year.

In Comox, a building permit has been issued this week in the amount of $3.84 million for the new residential building located at 1829 Beaufort Avenue. Comox Harbour Center Management is the developer for this project that will contain 18 luxury condominiums. Construction is expected to begin in April.

A building permit is expected to be issued in the next few weeks for the new 133-unit, state-of-the-art Berwick Retirement facility in downtown Campbell River. The six-storey building is slated for construction on the corner of 16th Avenue and Roberts’ Reach. The company plans to break ground on the 130,000 square foot facility within the next month or two. The owner is seeking bids on select sub-trades, see our tender section for more information.The construction cost is expected to be $24 million.

New Zoning Regulations for Coach Houses in Comox

The Town of Comox is taking steps to implement its Housing Affordability Strategy and Official Community Plan policies, by creating zoning regulations for coach houses in single-family residential zones, as a new form of Ground Oriented Infill in single-family residential developments. Implementation of the coach house developments would require rezoning of a specific parcel and would include a public information component in the form of newspaper ads and a public hearing.
The Town of Comox is inviting the public and developers who are interested in coach house developments  to participate in the discussion. Coach house applications will be treated the same as applications for accessory buildings and will have to be one-storey structures no larger than 60 square meters for the urban area lots. Also, coach houses must be located in the back yard.
Please direct all comments to the Town’s Planning Department at until April 19, 2013.