BC Hydro’s Latest John Hart Dam Updates

April 30, 2014

BC Hydro has released the following updates for progress on the John Hart Dam Construction project in Campbell River:

InPower BC is in the process of completing plans and designs to provide them with a “leave to commence” from the Comptroller of Water Rights and a “site release” from BC Hydro in order to begin construction. Examples include a Comprehensive Environmental Management Plan, Drinking Water Protection Plan, Traffic Management Plan, to numerous construction plans.

Generally, SNC-Lavalin plans to begin the site clearing near the tunnel entrances in July, and in October begin the tunneling. These and other site changes will be undertaken soon and the May 2014 construction report will provide more details.

BC Hydro hosted, with assistance of local and regional business leaders, a March 31 and April 1 business event for the upcoming John Hart project. The event provided the opportunity for subcontractors and job seekers to meet SNC-Lavalin, AECON, Frontier-Kemper, IMPSA and Hatfield. There were three separate business events over two days.

There was registration space for 120 construction contractors and suppliers, 112 spaces for ancillary businesses, and up to 600 individual job seekers. Construction contractors were provided seven minute interviews, ancillary businesses four minutes, and the job seekers were provide an informational presentation followed by questions and answers. About 600 people participated in the 10 sessions held over the two days.

SNC-Lavalin, the design-builder, continues to work on a project labour agreement with the B.C. Building Trades that will include all local union and non-union subcontractors. Once this agreement is in place the general details will be communicated.

Subcontractors and individuals remain eager on the economic opportunities. The union agreement needs to be in place before the formal subcontractor bids and hiring may take place.

Please continue to follow majorprojects.ca for project updates.