BC Extends Rent Freeze in Around Town

March 11, 2021

Your Weekly Construction Briefing

The B.C. government is expected to extend its COVID-19 rent freeze to the end of 2021 and amend legislation to cap future rent increases to inflation.  Rates are currently frozen until July 10 with a maximum 1.4% increase for 2021 permitted after that date.   

The BC Government plans to extend its rent freeze to the end of 2021, limits evictions for renovations, and improve the dispute resolution process for tenants and landlords.

Once this new extension is approved by the NDP majority, the legislation will also impose new rules on landlords intending to evict tenants for renovations or redevelopment of the property.

Landlords will have to apply to the Residential Tenancy Branch first, before issuing eviction notices for renovations or rebuilding. The legislation will also change regulations for mobile home parks, to ensure that changes in park rules do not override an existing tenancy agreement. 

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