Air Sealing, Building Better in Around Town

June 20, 2019

Island AeroBarrier is taking the guesswork out of air sealing using an innovative computer-controlled system that saves on wasted materials, labour and time.

Photo Island AreoBarrier
Island AreoBarrier uses an innovative computer-controlled air sealing system that saves on wasted materials, labour and time. Learn more at Building Links.

Within an average sealing time of 90 minutes, the automated process can seal air leaks the size of a pinprick all the way to a half inch gap and reduce any rate of ACH50 (air exchanges) including exceeding passive home requirements. 

The proven system uses a modified blower door and spray nozzles throughout the home to heat and humidify the building while creating a fog of sealant.  The water based acrylic product has undergone a fifty-year life cycle test and has no reaction with other building products. The home is pressurized and any air leaking from the building carries the caulk to the gaps and seals them tight. 

The company recently donated to Habitat for Humanity in Courtenay by reducing two of the volunteer-built dwellings from 2ACH50 down to 0.4ACH50 (below passive). 

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