100K+ people moved to BC in 2021 In Around Town

April 28, 2022

Your Weekly Construction Briefing

Net migration to BC reached 100,797 in 2021, the highest total since 1961. Net migration is the total number of people who moved to BC, minus the number of people who left.

This residential construction tower on Alberni Street in Vancouver is just some of the much needed residential housing in BC (Sky Hive/Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers)

Of that number, 33,656 people came from other parts of Canada, marking the highest total since 1994, and the highest province-to-province migration total in Canada. BC was second to Ontario in attracting new residents from abroad in 2021, with 67,171 newcomers from other countries.

This volume has been putting greater pressure on housing costs and lowering vacancy rates throughout the province. However, the provincial government states the migration numbers will help address the immense labour shortage in the province. These shortages are contributing to inflation, with higher labour costs to compete for and retain workers passed on to the cost of goods and services for consumers.

Migration flows are driven by the federal government’s three-year plan between 2021 and 2023 to allow 1.2 million immigrants into the country — a measure to address the backlog in immigration applications due to the pandemic, and to sustain long-term economic growth.

Source: CTV News Vancouver Island

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